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Café Godet

Bar's 'Tribute to Patrick' Vincent Project

Update #1 - Engine Shows Up!

It all started when I asked my friend, Nicolas Durasoff, a fellow Vincent Collector, if he would ask his good friend, Patrick Godet, renowned Egli-Vincent manufacturer, if Patrick would supply me one of his new electric start 1330cc Vincent engines. Shortly afterward I received a call from this great man who said an astounding thing to me. Patrick told me he will not sell his engines as he only sells his complete bikes. However, he said he was a fan of my work so he would build an engine for me and would I like a magnesium one as he was casting the cases soon. I said yes and thanked him for this wonderful opportunity. We kept in contact and some months later he forwarded a video email attachment showing my new engine mounted in his test mule being run through the gears on his dyno in his workshop in France.

This was hugely exciting to me...

Patrick Godet 1330cc Vincent engine that Bar is installing

...and a month later the crated engine arrived in our driveway in Canada!

Bar Hodgson and Troy Scanga with the Vincent 1330 cc engine

I asked my good friend, Troy Scanga, to help me wrestle this jewel of an engine up onto the workbench so I could get started. In the background you can see bits and pieces of the special stuff I'd been stashing for this project, and that I was looking forward to installing for the mock up.

Stay tuned for ongoing project updates


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All photos by Hedy Hodgson unless otherwise noted.

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